Established in 2004 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, 314e Corporation stands as a dedicated force in Healthcare IT, offering an array of products and solutions tailored to the unique needs of the industry. Exclusively focused on healthcare since its inception, our organization has grown organically, free from external funding pressures, enabling an unwavering focus on meeting customer needs.

At the core of our offerings are innovative products spanning Martech, Data Archival, Digital Adoption, Health Data Analytics, and Interface Engine. These solutions, developed in-house, reflect our commitment to driving advancements in healthcare technology.

314e Corporation has made a significant impact, assisting more than 250 hospitals across the United States. Our services encompass EPIC consulting, EHR implementation, eLearning, Training, Interoperability, Analytics, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and IT Services. By providing a comprehensive suite of solutions, we empower healthcare institutions to reduce costs and elevate both patient health outcomes and experiences.

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