Veritable accelerates patient eligibility verification and claim status checks by providing instantaneous updates in a simple and intuitive UI. This allows practices to look up coverage and benefits information faster, improving patient experience, staff efficiency, and reimbursement timelines. The platform is further distinguished by a dedicated support structure like all other product platforms 314e offers.

314e Corporation was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in the Silicon Valley. Innovative products spanning Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Marketing Technology, Data Archival, Digital Adoption, Health Data Analytics, and Interface Engine are at the core of our offerings. We developed these solutions in-house, and they are a testament to our commitment to driving advancements in healthcare technology.

We have significantly impacted the industry over the years, assisting more than 250 hospitals across the United States. Our services encompass RCM, EPIC consulting, EHR implementation, eLearning, Training, Interoperability, Analytics, and IT Services. By providing a comprehensive suite of solutions, we empower healthcare institutions to reduce costs and elevate patient health outcomes and experiences.

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