For inquiries regarding accounts, billing, payments, and related matters, please contact us at

Payments and Subscriptions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept various payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. You can choose your preferred payment method by clicking the “Go to Stripe Customer Portal” button in the account settings.
Yes, you can change the payment method on your account at any time. Simply go to your account settings and click “Go to Stripe Customer Portal” to update your payment details.
If you exceed your plan's usage limits, you will be charged additional fees. Please refer to our plan details for more information.
Yes, you can change your subscription plan at any time. Simply go to your account settings and click on “Change Plan” under Current Plan. Select the plan you want to switch to.
Yes, you can change the billing cycle of your subscription. Simply go to your account settings and click on “Change Plan” under Current Plan. Select the billing cycle you prefer (yearly or monthly) and proceed to confirm your plan.
To cancel your subscription, go to your account settings and click on “Cancel Plan” under Current Plan. Follow the instructions to complete the cancellation process.
Refunds may be subject to the terms and conditions of your subscription. Please refer to your subscription agreement for more information.
There is no penalty for canceling the subscription early.
You can get in touch with our support team at and they can assist you.
Yes, you can download and print invoices for your subscription payments by logging into your account and accessing your invoice under Invoice History in your account settings.
Yes, we take the security of your payment details very seriously and use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect your information.
If your payment fails, you will receive a notification based on the issue, and we will let you know the course of action.
Currently, we do not have a provision to pause your subscription.
If you accidentally make a duplicate payment, please contact our support team at for assistance.
If your credit card is stolen or lost, please contact your card issuer immediately to report the issue. You can update your payment information in your account settings once you receive your new card.
There may be a limit to how many payment methods you can have, depending on the terms and conditions of your subscription. Please refer to your subscription agreement for more information.
There is no additional fee for using a payment method.
Currently, we do not have a provision for changing your email ID or mobile number, but you can contact our support team and they will be able to change your mobile number or email ID.

Account Setup and Onboarding

My onboarding process failed midway. What should I do?
If your onboarding has failed midway, you will be automatically directed to the first screen of the onboarding process. Retry the process from the beginning. Please ensure you are proceeding with your provider verification correctly. The provider whose NPI is being submitted should be the provider who is completing the electronic identity verification.
However, if the issue persists, please contact
You may contact us at We will get back to you within 24 hours.

During onboarding, you can provide the NPI of either of the following:

  • You can enter a Type 1 NPI, which is associated with an individual provider who is part of your practice.
  • You can enter a Type 2 NPI, which is the NPI of your organization. The person registered as the authorized official of your organization will be recognized, and the process ahead will be continued by them.

After submitting the NPI, you will now be required to verify your identity. Please ensure that the provider whose NPI has been submitted is the same provider who is proceeding with electronic identity verification.
The verification is a two-step process:

  • Verification using a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Biometric verification of the provider.
We're happy to announce that our software is now FHIR native. This means we seamlessly exchange healthcare data using the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard, and this allows for more efficient and standardized data exchange.

Patient Eligibility Verification

What kind of information will I receive in the eligibility response from the payer?

A typical eligibility response from a payer consists of:

  • The basic demographic and plan information of the member, including their name, member ID, relationship to the subscriber, plan period, plan name, etc.
  • Coverage and benefits information for a bundle of services such as physician visits, emergency services, Hospital visits, and other services that the payer might include as part of Health Benefit Plan Coverage. 
  • Patient responsibilities such as deductible (total and remaining), coinsurance and copayment for various services, along with limitations, out-of-pocket maximums and other such details are returned at various levels of coverage such as individual, family, employee, etc. Depending on the plan, benefit details are also returned for various provider networks. 
  • Details about the patient’s primary care provider and primary/secondary insurance may also be returned.
  • You can check your patient's eligibility and benefits for over 200 service types. This includes a range of services such as the general Plan Coverage and Benefits to other specific services such as Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Used, DME Rental, Consultation, Pathology etc.
  • However, some payers may not support sending specific service types for eligibility verification inquiries. They may return "Health Benefit Plan Coverage" as their standard response to any service type submitted. Health Benefit Plan Coverage fetches information about the general plan coverage and benefits and may be bundled with many other frequently requested service types for that payer such as Physician Visits, Emergency Services, etc.
  • Although you can query for multiple service types in a single eligibility request, however, the payer may or may not support receiving multiple service requests. If they do, we will get the response back to you.
 "1" : "Medical Care",
  "2" : "Surgical",
  "3" : "Consultation",
  "4" : "Diagnostic X-Ray",
  "5" : "Diagnostic Lab",
  "6" : "Radiation Therapy",
  "7" : "Anesthesia",
  "8" : "Surgical Assistance",
  "9" : "Other Medical",
  "10" : "Blood Charges",
  "11" : "Used Durable Medical Equipment",
  "12" : "Durable Medical Equipment Purchase",
  "13" : "Ambulatory Service Center Facility",
  "14" : "Renal Supplies in the Home",
  "15" : "Alternate Method Dialysis",
  "16" : "Chronic Renal Disease (CRD) Equipment",
  "17" : "Pre-Admission Testing",
  "18" : "Durable Medical Equipment Rental",
  "19" : "Pneumonia Vaccine",
  "20" : "Second Surgical Opinion",
  "21" : "Third Surgical Opinion",
  "22" : "Social Work",
  "23" : "Diagnostic Dental",
  "24" : "Periodontics",
  "25" : "Restorative",
  "26" : "Endodontics",
  "27" : "Maxillofacial Prosthetics",
  "28" : "Adjunctive Dental Services",
  "30" : "Health Benefit Plan Coverage",
  "31" : "Benefit Disclaimer",
  "32" : "Plan Waiting Period",
  "33" : "Chiropractic",
  "34" : "Chiropractic Office Visits",
  "35" : "Dental Care",
  "36" : "Dental Crowns",
  "37" : "Dental Accident",
  "38" : "Orthodontics",
  "39" : "Prosthodontics",
  "40" : "Oral Surgery",
  "41" : "Routine (Preventive) Dental",
  "42" : "Home Health Care",
  "43" : "Home Health Prescriptions",
  "44" : "Home Health Visits",
  "45" : "Hospice",
  "46" : "Respite Care",
  "47" : "Hospital",
  "48" : "Hospital - Inpatient",
  "49" : "Hospital - Room and Board",
  "50" : "Hospital - Outpatient",
  "51" : "Hospital - Emergency Accident",
  "52" : "Hospital - Emergency Medical",
  "53" : "Hospital - Ambulatory Surgical",
  "54" : "Long Term Care",
  "55" : "Major Medical",
  "56" : "Medically Related Transportation",
  "57" : "Air Transportation",
  "58" : "Cabulance",
  "59" : "Licensed Ambulance",
  "60" : "General Benefits",
  "61" : "In-vitro Fertilization",
  "62" : "MRI/CAT Scan",
  "63" : "Donor Procedures",
  "64" : "Acupuncture",
  "65" : "Newborn Care",
  "66" : "Pathology",
  "67" : "Smoking Cessation",
  "68" : "Well Baby Care",
  "69" : "Maternity",
  "70" : "Transplants",
  "71" : "Audiology Exam",
  "72" : "Inhalation Therapy",
  "73" : "Diagnostic Medical",
  "74" : "Private Duty Nursing",
  "75" : "Prosthetic Device",
  "76" : "Dialysis",
  "77" : "Otological Exam",
  "78" : "Chemotherapy",
  "79" : "Allergy Testing",
  "80" : "Immunizations",
  "81" : "Routine Physical",
  "82" : "Family Planning",
  "83" : "Infertility",
  "84" : "Abortion",
  "85" : "AIDS",
  "86" : "Emergency Services",
  "87" : "Cancer",
  "88" : "Pharmacy",
  "89" : "Free Standing Prescription Drug",
  "90" : "Mail Order Prescription Drug",
  "91" : "Brand Name Prescription Drug",
  "92" : "Generic Prescription Drug",
  "93" : "Podiatry",
  "94" : "Podiatry - Office Visits",
  "95" : "Podiatry - Nursing Home Visits",
  "96" : "Professional (Physician)",
  "97" : "Anesthesiologist",
  "98" : "Professional (Physician) Visit - Office",
  "99" : "Professional (Physician) Visit - Inpatient",
  "A0" : "Professional (Physician) Visit - Outpatient",
  "A1" : "Professional (Physician) Visit - Nursing Home",
  "A2" : "Professional (Physician) Visit - Skilled Nursing Facility",
  "A3" : "Professional (Physician) Visit - Home",
  "A4" : "Psychiatric",
  "A5" : "Psychiatric - Room and Board",
  "A6" : "Psychotherapy",
  "A7" : "Psychiatric - Inpatient",
  "A8" : "Psychiatric - Outpatient",
  "A9" : "Rehabilitation",
  "AA" : "Rehabilitation - Room and Board",
  "AB" : "Rehabilitation - Inpatient",
  "AC" : "Rehabilitation - Outpatient",
  "AD" : "Occupational Therapy",
  "AE" : "Physical Medicine",
  "AF" : "Speech Therapy",
  "AG" : "Skilled Nursing Care",
  "AH" : "Skilled Nursing Care - Room and Board",
  "AI" : "Substance Abuse",
  "AJ" : "Alcoholism",
  "AK" : "Drug Addiction",
  "AL" : "Vision (Optometry)",
  "AM" : "Frames",
  "AN" : "Routine Exam",
  "AO" : "Lenses",
  "AQ" : "Nonmedically Necessary Physical",
  "AR" : "Experimental Drug Therapy",
  "B" : "Non-escrow or Non-impound Service",
  "B1" : "Burn Care",
  "B2" : "Brand Name Prescription Drug - Formulary",
  "B3" : "Brand Name Prescription Drug - Non-Formulary",
  "BA" : "Independent Medical Evaluation",
  "BB" : "Partial Hospitalization (Psychiatric)",
  "BC" : "Day Care (Psychiatric)",
  "BD" : "Cognitive Therapy",
  "BE" : "Massage Therapy",
  "BF" : "Pulmonary Rehabilitation",
  "BG" : "Cardiac Rehabilitation",
  "BH" : "Pediatric",
  "BI" : "Nursery",
  "BJ" : "Skin",
  "BK" : "Orthopedic",
  "BL" : "Cardiac",
  "BM" : "Lymphatic",
  "BN" : "Gastrointestinal",
  "BP" : "Endocrine",
  "BQ" : "Neurology",
  "BR" : "Eye",
  "BS" : "Invasive Procedures",
  "BT" : "Gynecological",
  "BU" : "Obstetrical",
  "BV" : "Obstetrical/Gynecological",
  "BW" : "Mail Order Prescription Drug: Brand Name",
  "BX" : "Mail Order Prescription Drug: Generic",
  "BY" : "Physician Visit - Office: Sick",
  "BZ" : "Physician Visit - Office: Well",
  "C" : "Escrow or Impound Service",
  "C1" : "Coronary Care",
  "CA" : "Private Duty Nursing - Inpatient",
  "CB" : "Private Duty Nursing - Home",
  "CC" : "Surgical Benefits - Professional (Physician)",
  "CD" : "Surgical Benefits - Facility",
  "CE" : "Mental Health Provider - Inpatient",
  "CF" : "Mental Health Provider - Outpatient",
  "CG" : "Mental Health Facility - Inpatient",
  "CH" : "Mental Health Facility - Outpatient",
  "CI" : "Substance Abuse Facility - Inpatient",
  "CJ" : "Substance Abuse Facility - Outpatient",
  "CK" : "Screening X-ray",
  "CL" : "Screening laboratory",
  "CM" : "Mammogram, High Risk Patient",
  "CN" : "Mammogram, Low Risk Patient",
  "CO" : "Flu Vaccination",
  "CP" : "Eyewear and Eyewear Accessories",
  "CQ" : "Case Management",
  "DG" : "Dermatology",
  "DM" : "Durable Medical Equipment",
  "DS" : "Diabetic Supplies",
  "GF" : "Generic Prescription Drug - Formulary",
  "GN" : "Generic Prescription Drug - Non-Formulary",
  "GY" : "Allergy",
  "IC" : "Intensive Care",
  "MH" : "Mental Health",
  "NI" : "Neonatal Intensive Care",
  "ON" : "Oncology",
  "PT" : "Physical Therapy",
  "PU" : "Pulmonary",
  "RN" : "Renal",
  "RT" : "Residential Psychiatric Treatment",
  "TC" : "Transitional Care",
  "TN" : "Transitional Nursery Care",
  "UC" : "Urgent Care"
Each individual eligibility request or a claim status check request is considered as one transaction regardless of the mode of input (single, batch, bulk upload).
Currently, we have batch upload available via our back-end. This means that you can share the batch request data with us, and we'll process them and load the information on the web portal UI.

Claims Status Checks

What kind of information will I receive in the claim status response from the payer?

A typical claim status response from a payer will consist of the following:

  • Basic demographic information about the patient such as their name, and member ID in the payers’ records along with the patient’s account number. 
  • Claim information such as claim status and category, claim number, and the billed and paid amounts. 
  • If the claim has been processed, the response will contain the claim's finalized date, along with a line-level breakup of various procedures submitted in the claim. 
  • Finally, for a paid claim, the response also returns the check/EFT date, number, and final amount paid.